Saturday, November 24, 2007




be with me...

don't leave me..

& give me another chance..

Sunday, November 11, 2007


You’ve seen them dominating the school with those black eyeliners and an all-black fashion statement. At first, I am one of those “suya” to this group of individuals, which according to what my instinct can perceive- are trying to be somebody else. But it was before I read some articles and watching a TV program which tackled the growing subculture in the country. Then I was alarmed by some statements and examples of music they were referring to. First, EMO was cradled from the word Emotional- what a goose bump (my friends were laughing as I shared this). Yeah, I’m quite emotional and sensitive but I’m no Emo. And the second thing petrified me the most- the bands that I’m dying for their music’s are actually Emos. Oh my good damned goodness, never did I knew (even quite obvious) that My Chemical Romance- my ever intoxicating music idols, with music that speaks of me, with poetry that crashes my eardrums, are actually Gods of Emo’s?! The soullah good Chicosci are one of them, my new favorite Typcast is a local cult. Whaaaatt?!! I wanna wail louder! The Fall Out Boy, the Paramore, The Red Jumpsuit?!
Pucha, I was questioning myself for few days: Am I one of them?! Then my emotional intelligence came into existence just after typing the last sentence: Nope, I am not. It doesn’t mean that few of these descriptions speak of me then I am officially enrolled in this subculture. Yeah, I love the bands, I am quite inferior- but not introvert, my powerful voice pa man lang Diyos ko, I can make friends with anybody (very extrovert at that), self-injury (I still believe it’s nonsense graded A), and obviously the fashion statement- I’ll get crucified by my mom seeing me in black eyeliners and nailpolish noh! But my emotional intelligence is really a Martin by heart and soul: a great leg-pulling teaser! I am bantered by my own kagaguhan: hala, Emo ka nah! Sagay ka dira upod kay Jen kag Shella- mabakal ka man Loafers na Skull o Chucks noh?! Wahaha!!! Palalantaw ka pa banda! You are artistic, self-made ang mga fashoion katangadalan mu. Yahoo!!! Emo! Emo! Emo! Si Martin- emo! Si martin- emah! Wahaha! What-a-self! Thanks ha?!
But now, I guess there’s nothing wrong enjoying them, as long as you live your life healthier and wiser, what’s wrong?! I’ll still patronized the music, enjoying the company and now understand the guys registered to be one. All we have to do is to live our life in our own unique way. Be yourself- it’s less complicated complicated!