Saturday, April 19, 2008

a wrong way of living

the law of attraction's style

quite stupid right?!

I've wasted my time pitying my self for less than a year. Confessing my life is so miserable, feeling empty, dumb and damn lonely?! Funny iosn't it? In the first place, I was the one who make this things up... I'm the one who makes my own life. Starting that very point that I learned about "The Secret", I will make my life the most beautiful one, ever. I am the masterpiece of my one life. The Michaelangelo who carves the best sculptur ever: sculpting my own story. Martin- feel good about yourself and the Universe shall conspire on you. Be good! Be happy! Show gratitude! Be glad for you are the Martin. You are special, unique and beautiful!!! Live your life powerful. You are attractive!!!! I love you!!!! I'm happy to be you!!!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

It's Complicated


Life is complicated, isn't it?! I manage to stop the drama but I often ending up in wet pillow. It seems life is made for me to suffer. I always feel so empty. I am always lonely. Maybe, nobody new my real deal with life. I don't have a confidant and I always stay mute when it comes to personal problems. When will be the time that I can be transparent about myself? When will I show the real feelings I am having and stop pretending to be happy in the middle of great depression I am feeling? Sometimes, I want to change my whole self. Go climb the mountain and enjoy the simpliest and contented living if possible. I cried my nights alone. I am always alone, despite the tons of friends I have. Time can tell when will I be happy once more. And I know God has beautiful plans for me in the future. Hope that time is already near...