Sunday, August 07, 2011


Yes, its been a while since the last time I write on my blog… This is quite an emotionally tough time for me..Oh well, like any other time. 
Well now, I'm working as a volunteer MedTech at Don B.. The highest paying government hospital in the province. I am enjoying working here. The fact that I am new and adjusting and nobody knows me add excitement to my daily routine. I know I am going to stay here longer.  I work at AM shifts only and after that, I go to my part time job..just like before- a academic tutor to a high school Korean student.
I go to work at around 7:30AM and arrive home at around 9PM… All of this is for the love of myself- I keep myself busy, very busy to forget the feeling of being lonely..
I watched this movie "Remember Me" and it struck me a bit. Now I know I need to write. Since the very start of this blog until the end, all that I clamor about is finding happiness, looking for that someone and getting fucking sad all the time and all those crap. Well, what's my point for all of this?- oh well, nothing.. Nothing really…

    What to write next?

So I'll start with something more pleasing to read… My Short term plans as I enter the practice of Medical Technology… hehehee… By the time that I'll be earning already (which I guess would be sometime the following weeks ahead), I will take care of our electricity bills, I'll visit a dermatologist and enroll myself to gym… I'll do plenty of exercise and yeah, I'll send myself back to school.. I'll take my Masters.. What else? I'll lessen my drinking and avoid smoking… I'll take  good care of my pets and buy new pets, lovebirds maybe…and go foodtrip, I will eat a lot of food, plenty and plenty of foods….hehehhe.. I'll buy a new fone, a dual or triple sime capable maybe… heheheh