Sunday, August 07, 2011


Yes, its been a while since the last time I write on my blog… This is quite an emotionally tough time for me..Oh well, like any other time. 
Well now, I'm working as a volunteer MedTech at Don B.. The highest paying government hospital in the province. I am enjoying working here. The fact that I am new and adjusting and nobody knows me add excitement to my daily routine. I know I am going to stay here longer.  I work at AM shifts only and after that, I go to my part time job..just like before- a academic tutor to a high school Korean student.
I go to work at around 7:30AM and arrive home at around 9PM… All of this is for the love of myself- I keep myself busy, very busy to forget the feeling of being lonely..
I watched this movie "Remember Me" and it struck me a bit. Now I know I need to write. Since the very start of this blog until the end, all that I clamor about is finding happiness, looking for that someone and getting fucking sad all the time and all those crap. Well, what's my point for all of this?- oh well, nothing.. Nothing really…

    What to write next?

So I'll start with something more pleasing to read… My Short term plans as I enter the practice of Medical Technology… hehehee… By the time that I'll be earning already (which I guess would be sometime the following weeks ahead), I will take care of our electricity bills, I'll visit a dermatologist and enroll myself to gym… I'll do plenty of exercise and yeah, I'll send myself back to school.. I'll take my Masters.. What else? I'll lessen my drinking and avoid smoking… I'll take  good care of my pets and buy new pets, lovebirds maybe…and go foodtrip, I will eat a lot of food, plenty and plenty of foods….hehehhe.. I'll buy a new fone, a dual or triple sime capable maybe… heheheh

Sunday, May 01, 2011

moved on

Let go of those who bring you down and surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you.
For the past few weeks my reminiscence can be sum up with this line. And so glad that now, no more feeling of loneliness overflown my sanity. It definitely means I already let go, I moved on.

Now, I'm enjoying the present and thrilled for what the future holds. I know this is gonna be good...

Now is a good start with new people surrounding me, building good friendship with my labmates- I know this is gonna be fantastic. I'm so lucky that I entered a world wherein people are acting firm but nice, a place wherein you'll greet them goodbye and they will respond to you with all enthusiasm and sincerity. A place wherein if you needed help, they'll be very willing to extend their hands to you. I know, there is so much more to be learned but good thing, I'm confident that it'll be easy for me to improve and perfect my skills...

Thank you so much!!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Different World, Different Life... Change for the Better

They say nothing in this world is permanent except change. I may say it's really true, people come and go, no one stays but only few you may call as your true friends. Now, after all those challenges that I gone through and passed with flying colors, it is time for me to keep moving forward, leave out the things of the passed and make sure to make the most of the present. Now, I know that I will be happy, that I am grateful of the present and thrilled with what the future holds for me. I know this is definitely the start of something wonderful, of something amazing for me. I never felt this grateful, this glad with all that I have...with my God, I know I am satisfied and I am on the right path. I never felt this at peace. Thanks to the new world that I entered wherein everybody is a stranger and I am starting- I know the result would be satisfying... Thank you sooo so much dearest God! 

Don Benito is a new world for me. I know I'm going to be amazing and excellent. I know I will be one of the bests... Thank you sooo much.... I'm doing my best not to impress but to be satisfied. Thank you so much! 

To my haiskul brods and sis- this is gonna be an amazing journey for all of us... For almost a decade of friendship- I may say I am so lucky! Thank you so much!!!!

Thank you! thank you! thank you!!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's All About Me Maki'n It On Top

 Ey guys,
 Got a hand me down Notebook from Tita which I am really happy about... I didn't expect such a magnificent gift from "The Secret"... So glad that I have lots of new stuff... I will be very thankful about this all... Salamat gid....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011





TO OUR MENTORS, PMT STAFF AND PHARMA PROFS- thank you so much for helping us achieve this wonderful blessing.

TO SIR JOE, MA’AM DINDIN, MA’AM ROSE, MA’AM VICKY- I’m so lucky to be in your class... Thank you for being an inspiration...

TO THE PMT STUDENTS, MT INTERNS, MT ALUMNI AND RMT INTERNSHIPBOSSES- thank you for the messages, notes of encouragement, motivations, to Sir Rolle...To Ma’am Joyce and Ma’am Kat of WVMC thank you gid... Sir Mark, Ma’am Julie....

TO ACTS- MA’AM MILBA, MA’AM LEAH, MA’AM JUDE, SIR RABOR- thank you... a part of us you’ve changed...for the better...

TO MY “A MAN’S HOUSE” FRIENDS- thank you for your prayers... I miss you all ‘chers... Hope to see you soon... Hi lang ko kina Pastor and the rest sang mga students...

TO MY ONHS MENTORS AND OCES TEACHERS- I HOPE IF YOU HEARD THE GOOD NEWS, YOU’LL BE PROUD OF ME... Ma’am Ces, Ma’am Rhods, Ma’am Stella, Ma’am Jusayan, Ma’am Palma, Ma’am Cecil Paguntalan and Ma’am Sansaet- salamat kay gapati kamu alam man ko...haha...

TO MY SSC’05 HAISKUL BRODS AND SIS- I share this achievement to all of you! Thank you for the prayer rally, for being there always... Let’s continue the Good Friday tradition- overcooked Pancit Canton and Coke- my treat this year...I repeat: this year and this year lang... I’m so blessed to have you guys!

TO THE CASA DA BEBO CLAN- thank you so much for being there for me all the time. Thank you for being so proud of me! LOLA Cita, wherever you are right now, thank you gid coz I know that you blessed me on the day of my exam, the day you passed away...

TO MY TITA MALOU- I will never reach this far if not because of your selfless help! Thank you so much!

TO MY NANAY DOLLY, TATAY OTEP, MY SIBLINGS MYLA AND MICHAEL- it’s my turn now... Cenxa lang kay gamay sweldo Medtech...

And TO MY DEAREST GOD- I will never achieve this if not because of your glory... I truly know that I am your favourite...hehe... Thank you, thank you dear God... Thank you thank you gid!!!

...and to my lucky red underwear- I am willing to share your luck to the next batch!


Monday, March 28, 2011


 It's more than three months... Three long months of stay here in Manila, the place I thought I will never consider to stay. But I guess things changed, a lot of things changed, people changed, thinking changed, manners changed and self changed. I will consider living here in Manila as a blessing. I have learned many things, I learned to become independent, to live on my own, to trust only my self and to love myself even more... Friends hurt me, people after three months showed who they really are, it just too bad, they've changed for the worst. I am so blessed that here, I learned to trust God above all things, I knew him more... Thank you for despite the negativities, I found comfort with my real friends and God... Thank you because, this place had given much comfort... I know that I will be a better person after this... No more room for negative thoughts... All positive vibes.... Good vibes.... I feel good and excitedfor the results of the board exams... hehehe... I know I'm going topass and make it on top!!!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Farewell, Old Friend

For months, I've been writing about you, about how I'm gonna move on, sometimes saying that it is over but actually it is not. Now is a NEW year, I need to let go. I need to say goodbye for the last time- for the times that I am missing you and those moments I want to say "I love you". We may be seeing each other again, you may keep on texting me "Hi. Musta?" and leave a message at times but now, they will just be a mere casual catching up from an old friend. I may not forget you (coz it is impossible), but those moments, will just be bare memories; memories of how we used to be... Now is goodbye. Now, the chapter about you ends and the transition to a new life begins. I am thrilled, I am excited and believe it or not, I am happy. Though there is still a little inevitable bitterness but still I am okay. I'll be perfectly fine in God's time. Goodbye to you...

 Just want you to know, I loved you...

why do i love quotewhore?!

This is to 2011.
In 2010 I made mistakes. Met lots of bitches & assholes. & I did things i shouldn't have. I was too busy looking at the past. What happens.. happens, that's all i can say. 2011 will be my year. i'm no longer even thinking about my regrets. Shit is going to happen when I don't want it to, but there's a reason behind it all. Someday it will all make perfect sense. Or maybe it won't. Not my problem. January 3rd, I'm going to walk with the biggest smile on my face. For once it will be a real one. I'll walk down the halls with confidence not giving a damn what he/she thinks. & I'm not gonna sit around waiting for him to text me. I'll turn all the insults into compliments. Whatever it takes to make me happy, I'll do it. Cause 2010 was one of the years i just sat around and felt sorry for myself. Well not this year bitches! RT if this is basically your toast!
Here's to 2011!


New Year na.. This should be the start of a new life... 4 more days, I am saying goodbye to this wonderful place and explore a much bigger world to grow. For two months I will be gone, I'll face life challenges on my own. I promise that I will be more responsible on my ways. The happiness I experience here in Iloilo is worthless, but I have to do this for a better future, for myself.

This 2011:
1. I will be more mature on my ways.
2. I will not dwell on the pass but I will face my future with head held high... Moving on....
3. I will be happy...very happy.
4. There will be satisfaction for myself.
5. No more insecurities.
6. Maturity.
7. Successful, I will be very successful.
8. Optimism.
9. I will widen my world.
10. I will embrace myself fully and be soo proud of my achievements.

So help me God!!!! hehe.. love lots... -Martin