Monday, March 28, 2011


 It's more than three months... Three long months of stay here in Manila, the place I thought I will never consider to stay. But I guess things changed, a lot of things changed, people changed, thinking changed, manners changed and self changed. I will consider living here in Manila as a blessing. I have learned many things, I learned to become independent, to live on my own, to trust only my self and to love myself even more... Friends hurt me, people after three months showed who they really are, it just too bad, they've changed for the worst. I am so blessed that here, I learned to trust God above all things, I knew him more... Thank you for despite the negativities, I found comfort with my real friends and God... Thank you because, this place had given much comfort... I know that I will be a better person after this... No more room for negative thoughts... All positive vibes.... Good vibes.... I feel good and excitedfor the results of the board exams... hehehe... I know I'm going topass and make it on top!!!

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