Monday, October 25, 2010


Broadway stars rock out in a celebration of life, in the wake of LGBT suicides across the nation. Please SHARE this original song and video to help send a message of hope and support.

All download proceeds benefit The Trevor Project. (c) 2010 Jay Kuo & Blair Shepard. Inquiries:

Hey friend
When you feel like you’re alone
And the world throws out a lot of hate
It’s not the end
You’re not out there on your own
There’s still so much in life to celebrate
Just look up
Cause those skies are going to clear
There so much more than just the hear and now
Just look up
Cause a better day is here
Tomorrow feel the sunlight shining down
It gets better, better, better
The pain will let up, let up, let up
If you fall just get up, get up, get up
Ohh, cause there’s another way
It gets better, better, better
The world gets lighter, lighter, lighter
So be a fighter, fighter, fighter
Ohh, just live to see that day
Yeah, live to see that day (that day)
Live to see that day
Hey friend
We used to feel like you
No end in sight
Fearing everyday
Just defend the part of you that’s true
Find yourself and you will find the way
Don’t give up (Don’t give up)
Just take another look
And you can shine
It’s time you took the stage
Don’t give up
Cause your life is like a book
All you got to do is turn the page
There are friends yet to meet,
There are songs to be sung
There are beautiful sunsets
And battles are won
There’s love to be found if you just stick around
Don’t give up your life has just begun
It gets better, better, better
The pain will let up, let up, let up
If you fall just get up, get up, get up
Ohh, cause there’s another way
It gets better, better, better
The world gets lighter, lighter, lighter
So be a fighter, fighter, fighter
Ohh, just live to see that day
It gets better, better, better
The pain will let up, let up, let up
If you fall just get up, get up, get up
Ohh, cause there’s another way
It gets better, better, better
The world gets lighter, lighter, lighter
So be a fighter, fighter, fighter
Ohh, just live to see that day
It gets better, better, better
The world gets lighter, lighter, lighter
So be a fighter, fighter, fighter
Ohh, just live to see that day
It gets better, better, better
It gets better, better, better
It gets better, better, better
It gets better, better, better

Friday, October 22, 2010


Daddy Long Legs is the story of an orphan Yeong-mi with an anonymous sponsor. She grows up to be a bright and courageous scenario writer with helps from Daddy Long Legs. She then falls in love with Junho, who works at the company’s archive. This movie is based off of an American novel by the same name, written by Jean Webster.

Starring: Ha Ji Won and Yun Jung Hoon

The movie which opened up my interest with Korean movies and then Korean foods and Koreans themselves... The movie that I watched several times with the same excitement. As if it's the first time. It made  me cry... super... Prepare tons of tissue as you watch this movie, surely it will make you fall in love over and over and over again....


My Sassy Girl is the smash hit of 2001. It tells the story of a young man not knowing what to do with his life, and a girl young sassy girl who turns his world upside down.

Starring: Cha Tae Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun

The best Korean movie ever. Best love story that will make you laugh, cry and feel jealous. hehe....

A Millionaire's First Love

Jae-kyung is a high school senior but he skips school often. Once he turns nineteen years old, he is going to be a millionaire. However, the day before he inherit the fortune, his family lawyer tells him about the will from his deceased grandfather. It is specified that he can inherit the fortune only if he graduates from Boram High School, which is located in the countryside. He has no choice but to go there. Life changes a lot for him at Boram High School. He can't use his credit card or even drive his sports car! Meanwhile, as Jae-Gyeong attends this school, he meets Eun-hwan. She is different from the other people living in the country and seems to have some kind of secret. Jae-Gyeong starts to change his attitude, and Eun-hwan’s secret is about to be revealed.

Starring Hyun Bin and Lee Yeon Hee

After watching this film I just realize how complicated life is. It is as if I want to be young again. Before, happiness is so plain, so simple. When asked who my first love is, I will immediately answer, "My parents", now first love is something that brought out tears in my eyes, a question I always avoid answering. Excitement is when I'll be seeing you the next day or an immediate text that you badly needed to see me now, unlike before, it's during afternoons wherein I'll be meeting up with my friends to play in a vacant lot, laughing and cheering until it's already dawn and our moms will call us to go home. If only the one peso coin I always asked from my lola when I was six years old has the same value as of now, how lucky I will be to have a thousand bucks in my wallet? Now, four thousand is not enough to pay my debts and six hundred pesos is just enough for a good dinner for two. When I was young, my greatest problem will be counting the stars in the sky for I only memorize one-to-ten and skip the rest and utter 1million. Now, the word problem is hard to define, same as happiness and love. It is nice to be young, no regrets on making mistakes, just happiness...pure happiness...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I found this in one the blog sites I am following... and it is soo kalurkee...

Chokoleit is such a lokaret... Gosh the guts... Anyways, I still love her... He'll be playing CG in the much anticipated remake of Mara Clara... I dunno but I am so thrilled. Seems like I am quite oldie already knowing I grew up with this drama...hehehe

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Based on the popular manga, Oh Ha Ni is a clumsy student who falls the perfectionist, Baek Seung Jo. However Seung Jo is indifferent towards her and rejects her love. When Ha Ni's house collapses, she and her father move into his long-time friend's house. It turns out that Seung Jo is the friend's son and Ha Ni is given the opportunity to be near the guy she loves. Will she be able to move Seung Jo's heart?..




DON'T SAY YOU LOVE ME by Krissy & Ericka w/ James of PBB Jame's fashion sense... gotta copy....

Friday, October 15, 2010


only a girl like you can make me change my mind... wahaha

Just Don't Forget Me (Original Composition)

haist, I can relate to this song... huhu


someday, i will be just like you....
Just finished watching 200 POUND BEAUTY and I just realized, aist...I can relate to the story... As if I want to base my own life story in that movie... From ugly and being rejected and being used to being beautiful and loved by many.... It's every insecure person's dream... In my case, I'll just make it a point to remember that one day, a Hannah will transform into a lovely Jenny... Soon people will realize that it won't always be about the external beauty, which is temporary, matters; but the beauty from within which is immortal. But too bad I am not a good singer... Haha. But at this point I am so glad that I finally fathom that I don't have to put a great effort on pleasing others. I am just so unique and beautiful... Soon, people will finally see how beautiful people like me are.... Go Fighting!

Petra, Petra, Petra- Please make me laugh...

 Feels like watching Petrang Kabayo... hehe.. I'll invite Cindy and Ellen... Hope they are fine with that, knowing Cindy who is not fond of Pinoy movies. Just want to laugh and unwind with them... We have lots of catching ups to do... Miss my two best friends...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


hope you don't exist...
It was so real. Like every detail, the scenario, can't recognize it as a dream (unlike other dreams that I can predict that I was just dreaming). Her name was Julie, and she was your girlfriend. You are with her most of the time, id she is not around, you look for her in her place which is just in front of my house. It was like a place in the barrio, I have a tree house, you have a bike, the road was not concrete, weather was warm and humid... Weird but I still hope it is not true. When I woke up, I saw your txt message... Omen? Can't get the message straight...can't recognize the sign

Sunday, October 10, 2010

the dilemma of a party guy who decided to study saturday night

Now I know, BFF Jem shouild be really angry by now... Haizt, I decided to study, not to party with her. But in a way, I didn't feel much guilt with my decision. I really need to start studying for my Compre. It's as if a "one wrong step then bye-bye" kind of exam. I need to prepare. I know that there is lesser time left, I am feeling lost with my studies already. Bar hooping is not my feel anymore. Lately, I find dancing, flirting and spending bucks for nothing to be boring. Is it because I am getting more mature or just because I am already earning that's why I am becoming wise when it comes to spending at this time? Whatever the reason is, for me, partying is boring... I am more into priming in a tambay kinnda way, it's more fun coz more laughs, nonsense talks and corny jokes- sooo fun... So to decide whether to party or to study--- I'll go for books and taking down notes... BORING!
But I need to, especially at this point that I am more inspired to study. One focus at a time, and for now, achieve the short term goals and decide to reach the highest peak that I am aiming to ever since...


Friday, October 08, 2010

hey you vampy!

What can I say? Haha... Now, it is a start of something unexpected. As if I am wishing for this moment to come. But still, I won't be assuming anything, I'll just savor the moment and make most out of it. Now, you'll be the reason why I'll be sleeping late... wahaha... You make me smile, i dunno why... haha. Your humor was so infecting. We talk nonsense but still we can keep the conversation for hours. haist, butterflies, such a funny feeling.... can't wait for the next one!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

last night was a blast

Headache, dizzy, the feeling of wanting to vomit- hangover. But such a wonderful hangover if you experience it with your closest buddies. Last night was such as blast. I enjoyed the talks, the beers and the expensive aftermath dinner at a ever sosyal Korean resto- Prosperity (as what Erica Kim said was its name, located at Ledesco). I miss them all, Matet, Rachel, Chris with Troy and RJ and of course Jem and Gaby. Friends will always be your friends no matter how long you haven't seen each other or talk to one another. We may experienced the bitterness of life but we have our friends to mix things up and create a more appetizing bittersweet kinda life.

But last night, he was uttered in one of our petty, nonsense discussions. I really hate this weird feeling, the wanting to burst into tears for reasons so stupid that I don't wanna discuss. Yes, no matter how hard I am trying to forget the feelings, no matter how much reality checks I did...the feelings for him was still there... I know someday, it will be over. Nothing's too late to forget.

But despite that part, my happiness of finally meeting up with my friends, the fact that we are complete that night made me feel so blessed and lucky for the treasures bestowed on me from above. I sacrificed work that night but it's all worth it.. Thank you sooo much!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


After months of not being complete..We will meet again, just like before, just like the old times. The drinks, the laughs, the nonsense talks,the gossips and being bitches with a tagline: "THE HELL WE CARE!"... I miss being with you all, BFF Gaby, BFF Jem, BFF Matet, Madaam Rachel and not so BFF RJ (haha). I owe a part of who I am now to all of you. Thanks for the great friendship, for making me feel I am really part of our exclusive circle. Thanks BFF, later will be super fun! fun! fun! Can't wait for the month long recaps of the happenings each of us missed. Thank you so much my BFFs!!! xoxo


what makes me happy? i dunno.. somethings that even if its all repetitions, makes me feel thrilled to experience it again.. seeing those familiar faces that I missed for the past 24hours, the smiles, the talks, the laughters.... Things I am thankful.. God has really wonderful ways of introducing special people into your life... life will always be like this, full of smiles. it feels good that everyday, you are waiting for that moment wherein you will smile again.. thrilled that few more hours, the moment is in your hands, and all you have to do is cherish that moment and make most out of it... Thank you, thank you to all of you that made me so happy. Without you, I can't imagine what life would be...

tomorrow is a reunion of my bffs.. those people who taught me  how to stand up and fight for myself. They taught me how to be strong and unbreakable. I owe to them the type of person I am now. No one can bring me down.

My happiness is all for you. I will share it to all of you who have been and always been good to me. You are one of the many reasons why living life is so beautiful. Thanks for the kindness, for the love... My deepest gratitude to God for giving me these few wonderful people that serves as my inspiration and my strength...

Martin is Martin..because of you all... Thank you!!!