Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Different World, Different Life... Change for the Better

They say nothing in this world is permanent except change. I may say it's really true, people come and go, no one stays but only few you may call as your true friends. Now, after all those challenges that I gone through and passed with flying colors, it is time for me to keep moving forward, leave out the things of the passed and make sure to make the most of the present. Now, I know that I will be happy, that I am grateful of the present and thrilled with what the future holds for me. I know this is definitely the start of something wonderful, of something amazing for me. I never felt this grateful, this glad with all that I have...with my God, I know I am satisfied and I am on the right path. I never felt this at peace. Thanks to the new world that I entered wherein everybody is a stranger and I am starting- I know the result would be satisfying... Thank you sooo so much dearest God! 

Don Benito is a new world for me. I know I'm going to be amazing and excellent. I know I will be one of the bests... Thank you sooo much.... I'm doing my best not to impress but to be satisfied. Thank you so much! 

To my haiskul brods and sis- this is gonna be an amazing journey for all of us... For almost a decade of friendship- I may say I am so lucky! Thank you so much!!!!

Thank you! thank you! thank you!!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's All About Me Maki'n It On Top

 Ey guys,
 Got a hand me down Notebook from Tita which I am really happy about... I didn't expect such a magnificent gift from "The Secret"... So glad that I have lots of new stuff... I will be very thankful about this all... Salamat gid....