Saturday, January 01, 2011

Farewell, Old Friend

For months, I've been writing about you, about how I'm gonna move on, sometimes saying that it is over but actually it is not. Now is a NEW year, I need to let go. I need to say goodbye for the last time- for the times that I am missing you and those moments I want to say "I love you". We may be seeing each other again, you may keep on texting me "Hi. Musta?" and leave a message at times but now, they will just be a mere casual catching up from an old friend. I may not forget you (coz it is impossible), but those moments, will just be bare memories; memories of how we used to be... Now is goodbye. Now, the chapter about you ends and the transition to a new life begins. I am thrilled, I am excited and believe it or not, I am happy. Though there is still a little inevitable bitterness but still I am okay. I'll be perfectly fine in God's time. Goodbye to you...

 Just want you to know, I loved you...

why do i love quotewhore?!

This is to 2011.
In 2010 I made mistakes. Met lots of bitches & assholes. & I did things i shouldn't have. I was too busy looking at the past. What happens.. happens, that's all i can say. 2011 will be my year. i'm no longer even thinking about my regrets. Shit is going to happen when I don't want it to, but there's a reason behind it all. Someday it will all make perfect sense. Or maybe it won't. Not my problem. January 3rd, I'm going to walk with the biggest smile on my face. For once it will be a real one. I'll walk down the halls with confidence not giving a damn what he/she thinks. & I'm not gonna sit around waiting for him to text me. I'll turn all the insults into compliments. Whatever it takes to make me happy, I'll do it. Cause 2010 was one of the years i just sat around and felt sorry for myself. Well not this year bitches! RT if this is basically your toast!
Here's to 2011!


New Year na.. This should be the start of a new life... 4 more days, I am saying goodbye to this wonderful place and explore a much bigger world to grow. For two months I will be gone, I'll face life challenges on my own. I promise that I will be more responsible on my ways. The happiness I experience here in Iloilo is worthless, but I have to do this for a better future, for myself.

This 2011:
1. I will be more mature on my ways.
2. I will not dwell on the pass but I will face my future with head held high... Moving on....
3. I will be happy...very happy.
4. There will be satisfaction for myself.
5. No more insecurities.
6. Maturity.
7. Successful, I will be very successful.
8. Optimism.
9. I will widen my world.
10. I will embrace myself fully and be soo proud of my achievements.

So help me God!!!! hehe.. love lots... -Martin