Saturday, January 01, 2011


New Year na.. This should be the start of a new life... 4 more days, I am saying goodbye to this wonderful place and explore a much bigger world to grow. For two months I will be gone, I'll face life challenges on my own. I promise that I will be more responsible on my ways. The happiness I experience here in Iloilo is worthless, but I have to do this for a better future, for myself.

This 2011:
1. I will be more mature on my ways.
2. I will not dwell on the pass but I will face my future with head held high... Moving on....
3. I will be happy...very happy.
4. There will be satisfaction for myself.
5. No more insecurities.
6. Maturity.
7. Successful, I will be very successful.
8. Optimism.
9. I will widen my world.
10. I will embrace myself fully and be soo proud of my achievements.

So help me God!!!! hehe.. love lots... -Martin

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