Wednesday, October 06, 2010


what makes me happy? i dunno.. somethings that even if its all repetitions, makes me feel thrilled to experience it again.. seeing those familiar faces that I missed for the past 24hours, the smiles, the talks, the laughters.... Things I am thankful.. God has really wonderful ways of introducing special people into your life... life will always be like this, full of smiles. it feels good that everyday, you are waiting for that moment wherein you will smile again.. thrilled that few more hours, the moment is in your hands, and all you have to do is cherish that moment and make most out of it... Thank you, thank you to all of you that made me so happy. Without you, I can't imagine what life would be...

tomorrow is a reunion of my bffs.. those people who taught me  how to stand up and fight for myself. They taught me how to be strong and unbreakable. I owe to them the type of person I am now. No one can bring me down.

My happiness is all for you. I will share it to all of you who have been and always been good to me. You are one of the many reasons why living life is so beautiful. Thanks for the kindness, for the love... My deepest gratitude to God for giving me these few wonderful people that serves as my inspiration and my strength...

Martin is Martin..because of you all... Thank you!!!

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