Friday, October 15, 2010


someday, i will be just like you....
Just finished watching 200 POUND BEAUTY and I just realized, aist...I can relate to the story... As if I want to base my own life story in that movie... From ugly and being rejected and being used to being beautiful and loved by many.... It's every insecure person's dream... In my case, I'll just make it a point to remember that one day, a Hannah will transform into a lovely Jenny... Soon people will realize that it won't always be about the external beauty, which is temporary, matters; but the beauty from within which is immortal. But too bad I am not a good singer... Haha. But at this point I am so glad that I finally fathom that I don't have to put a great effort on pleasing others. I am just so unique and beautiful... Soon, people will finally see how beautiful people like me are.... Go Fighting!

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