Thursday, October 07, 2010

last night was a blast

Headache, dizzy, the feeling of wanting to vomit- hangover. But such a wonderful hangover if you experience it with your closest buddies. Last night was such as blast. I enjoyed the talks, the beers and the expensive aftermath dinner at a ever sosyal Korean resto- Prosperity (as what Erica Kim said was its name, located at Ledesco). I miss them all, Matet, Rachel, Chris with Troy and RJ and of course Jem and Gaby. Friends will always be your friends no matter how long you haven't seen each other or talk to one another. We may experienced the bitterness of life but we have our friends to mix things up and create a more appetizing bittersweet kinda life.

But last night, he was uttered in one of our petty, nonsense discussions. I really hate this weird feeling, the wanting to burst into tears for reasons so stupid that I don't wanna discuss. Yes, no matter how hard I am trying to forget the feelings, no matter how much reality checks I did...the feelings for him was still there... I know someday, it will be over. Nothing's too late to forget.

But despite that part, my happiness of finally meeting up with my friends, the fact that we are complete that night made me feel so blessed and lucky for the treasures bestowed on me from above. I sacrificed work that night but it's all worth it.. Thank you sooo much!

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