Saturday, April 05, 2008

It's Complicated


Life is complicated, isn't it?! I manage to stop the drama but I often ending up in wet pillow. It seems life is made for me to suffer. I always feel so empty. I am always lonely. Maybe, nobody new my real deal with life. I don't have a confidant and I always stay mute when it comes to personal problems. When will be the time that I can be transparent about myself? When will I show the real feelings I am having and stop pretending to be happy in the middle of great depression I am feeling? Sometimes, I want to change my whole self. Go climb the mountain and enjoy the simpliest and contented living if possible. I cried my nights alone. I am always alone, despite the tons of friends I have. Time can tell when will I be happy once more. And I know God has beautiful plans for me in the future. Hope that time is already near...

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