Wednesday, December 26, 2007

26 was the Saddest
25th was Christmas day, ofcourse, the happiest for our family... especially cousins from far flung places went to visit and spend their christmas here. But it was after the day of laughs and nausea due to excessive alcohol intake that I really felt sad. Bien, my ever best company will be joining his Mom to cebu. He is just a kid, i know. But that kid who in his innocence touched the lives of many will be going away is just a headline story for me. He is a great deal for me. In his ignorance, I shared the best company ever. Most of mornings that i have the mood for biking, I fetch him from our grandma's place and together we explore the beauty of carefree life. There, in those place which he used to see the Mah (cow) and the Meehh (goat), I shared with him my deepest thoughts, the things nobody knew.. He is the depository outlet for me. he is my only reliable friend who listens without judgments, without discriminations. He is just a sweet four-year-old boy who used to light my dark world. He is my angel. Now, he left. I can't show my real emotions infront of him. i smiled but my heart is deeply wounded by his departure. I waved my last bye-bye...I kissed him for the last time...I slap his face that I will forever miss... I had a last look of this cudly little boy who made my days livlier... Bye-bye Bien!!! Hope you will never forget Tin-tin who love you so much... Tears fell but still invincible...

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