Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Sometimes, there is a need to stand up for yourself. The “standing up” that means you have to make a big decision which will eventually change the entire picture of your present life. It could be the most difficult thing to do but though it hurts, you know that it’s for the best. It may cause me pain but I know this choice will make me happier in the end. Funny cause it is indeed true- there is no such thing as FAIRYTALE. And everything definitely has expirations. Mine has taken place.
Was it over because somebody dropped me? Of course not, I’m Martin remember? If a boss tries to fire me, I will outdo him with my resignation letter. I’m just making decisions which I know would be of my greatest advantage. It is such a heartbreakin’ move- but I know my drama is on its screenplay, I’m playing with my own visual effects and I choose the best cinematography for it. Hate me-so you will play the poor little adversary. Now, I’m bitch’n out again. Hehe.
It just started with my former ‘self-made-lead-stars’ who tried to steal the glare of publicity out of me but not surprisingly they did not succeed. And it made me into a bitter but glaring bitch. After all, I look upon my counterpart- Blare Waldorf. And if there is Blare, there should be Serena and the rest of the Powerpuff girls… thanks to them, the invasion of the spiteful, the nasty and the beautiful come about and we call the story “Friendship”…
But it didn’t stop there; a Dan Humphrey is trying to make his way into the scene. The story was smoothly flowing but suddenly he mess it all up. As if I care?! Of course I care, that was assumed to be the best part, the climax, the glitters and the music of Mariah on its background. AAAHHH!!! I was so close but aaahhhh!!! Oh well, I dropped him too...
Now I think I need a break. Im nursing grudges, oh no! It’s a bad sign…. Oh what am I thinking?! What am I saying?! I think I just have nothing to do right now… xoxo!

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