Sunday, September 06, 2009


Tuesday... enrolment for Internship... Should I expect excitement among my peers? should we be glad because finally we will reach the final adventure of our MedTech life? How can I be happy if my closest friends didn't made it? I can't see myself continue the journey without them... I will miss you all.. to Jem, who dont deserve to lose the fight, prove them wrong... Show them what you really got... To RJ and Matet, don't waste the next moment of your adventure- this is not failure...this is just your postponed success... I will miss you all... The friendship I had with you is the most loyal I had ever had... Thank you so much for the acceptance, for the joy and the unconditional love... THE FRIENDSHIP WE HAD WILL BE FOREVER CHERISHED... ONCE AN MT-4, ALWAYS BE A MT-4...

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