Thursday, January 21, 2010

i'll shut up my mouth

so unfair.. they made serren look bad in front of everyone.. ni 1st year guro la gani kabalo kung anu to gakatabo... i hate it.. it was delivered in a very unfair manner... kung muto ang feedbacking nga gina tawag I'd rather not attend for another one... we commented, we complained and in the end, we were the ones who appeared to have the fault.. I hate it... I'd rather keep my mouth shut and appear nice than to open it and say bad stuffs... how unfair my college is... pero nevermind..

as far as i am concerned, they were the ones to blame for the injustice that the student have had felt about the celebration and about the financial stuffs... they had there lessons... basta ako, I'll just do what I am supposed to do... I'll make sure I will not be like them....

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