Saturday, January 19, 2008

I am Just A Gazer
I am just a gazer,
A starer,
An astrologer.
A searcher of five second bliss.

It is the felicity of seeing you,
That keeps my breathing in ecstasy persistent.
Not a day that you complete,
But my entire life until the reminiscence of you fades slowly.
My gapes were private,
When you catch me, it means eternity.
When yours were seize,
I am melted totally.

I am nothing but a stargazer you try to dispense with.
But you are heaven to me and I’ll explore you through the constellations.
You shrug me off intentionally,
I know, never will I be apart of your verve.

I am not pleading for anything,
All I want was only your attendance.
I am not dreaming of love,
What I am asking is only your cognizance

You are not just a star,
You’re more than a heavenly body.
I can see you through my lenses,
I know you just pretend you don’t notice.

And I’ll just be here,
In the silence of your flickers.
I’ll be nothing more than a proselyte,
Of my undying admiration to your light….

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