Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have done something which I know will make my mama wail to the nth level... I promise to do my best in order to clear up the mess that I have done. Sorry to you.. I've done this coz I can't handle this hardship any longer. Thanks Yan for listening and understanding my situation. I am enjoying what I am doing right now.. Thanks to those who understands and cared to listen. I owe you a lot. In difficult times like this, it pays to have few true friends who will be there to offer a shoulder to lean on.. Thanks for listening...

Yes, I am not perfect and I am capable of making mistakes, lots of mistakes but one thing is for sure, I am willing to learn and I am struggling to correct those mistakes. I will pay you all back for all the goodness you had been showing me... Now, I know who my true friends are. A small list of you is all it takes to help me change...for the better..

Thanks sooo much, my few good friends!

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