Monday, November 15, 2010


 I really don't know what's the right word for this... tormented? This Comprehensive exam is really torturing me now. I wanted to study but my body won't cooperate. For two consecutive Saturdays, Ellen, Jennifer and I met up to study but most of the time was consumed with tattletales of course.  Sometimes, I have this idea of taking my own life, but I'm in a fight against entertaining this conjecture. I may be attacked by anxiety at the moment but I know that I have to do my best. With my love ones by my side I know I can make it...and in the Board Exam, I want to make it big. I always envision myself in front of a crowd, delivering a speech for I topped the board. I want to experience the feeling of being the best. I want to be the best. I am the best. It will always be like that. Now,  I mak upmy mind, I will study....later.

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