Sunday, May 02, 2010

lonely boi

     Looks like I'm the new Dan Humphrey, or maybe I just found out I am... Haist, this is not a destiny, to wander around- ALONE?! Couldn't help it, but it keeps on getting into my nerves- the reality that I am but a loner. It started before the 24th of April, the date that I started to question myself "should I have to?". I guess the answer is very clear: wake up... Hallucination. 
      They say patience is a virtue, but for me time is gold. I couldn't wait. I hate waiting. But one thing is for sure, I will miss all those moments, I will treasure all those memories, those that made me sooo happy.
       I watched The Diary of a Wimpy Kid...of course Alone.. It won't be for long. I'm sure of that. We have our own time, mine siguro made a little detour...
       Just enjoy everything.. You are not getting any younger... 
       God, if ever that thing arrives, please make an obvious sign...I'm poor at interpretations...hehehe

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