Saturday, May 01, 2010


 It was the first time I found him existing sa class that I fell in love with him. He was quite, misteryoso and let's say helpless... I thought at first it was just because he needs my help kaya ako nan diyan to supervise him, ako ang group leader and he was a member. He will always come to school super late (literally). I will forge his signature sa logbook para hindi siya aabot sa point na ang tardiness niya ay equivalent to drop na. He was thankful about that. We always made a good team.I will call him by awful petnames he never felt bad about- gago, ungas, ugok, sir, bosing, tikalon, langka etc.. We made fun out of those. He considered me as his savior. He will ask for my help whenever he found the outputs complicated to do or he was just lazy to put a single hand at anything. I will be there, his savior to help him up. It reaches the point that he needed to take a break sa dami ng failures and INCs na hindi niya nang kayang lampasan. It was a year and kahit ganun we remained connected, we retained the best friendship I have ever had. I told him to look for a job to make himself productive, and  a month later he told me na nilagay niya ako as his reference person for his Bio-Data. He worked as a service crew. Then on, I was proud of him, he made it. He stood up with his own feet alone, without any help from anyone. And I realized I was now proud of myself, because somebody appreciates my existence, that I can make myself useful to someone. It rarely happens. Maybe, selfishly, I fell in love with him completely. Ganun siya. He was that important. Whatever he do, whatever life he had chosen now, his memory of that single person who made me feel important will forever be preserved in my memory.. Yun siya, in a way I couldn't explain exactly how or why. I was just in love- that is my only fault.... I miss him badly, but I have to face reality... I could not cross the line, I just can't.... Goodbye...

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