Sunday, July 29, 2007

ANOTHER MARKED DATE: july 28, 2007

This day must be remembered and any significant detail should be recorded.

1. It was PMT's Freshmen Initiation- I arrived super late.
Call time was 7am, I arrived 10am.
2. It was very fun- we got a chance to harass the freshmen.
I molested my crush and it was so ecstatic.
3. There was a "major confirmation"- 'he' was indeed molested by 'you-know-who'
(according to our own elucidation w/c I still don't believe)
4. Afterwards, we went to Time Square to chill out a bit-
with RedHorse of course.
5. 17 of us then moved to Lumpiga- it was fun and we are quite drunk.
I was blotto
Raymund was blotto
Troy was blotto
Chris was reddish... and blotto
Germane was okay at first,drank half of Light, and was then blotto too.
But RJ was the most blotto of us all.
He was blackout afterwards.
6. We had our separate ways then. Chris, Jemaimah, Germane and I dined in
Andoks Manduriao. We regained our real consciousness there.
7. Gem decided to sleep the night away in my place.
After a taxi ride (courtesy of Jem), Chris, Gem and I bond together in
our town plaza.
We had a silly ride on the swing.
We enjoyed the see-saw.
We had our cup of coffee and (cup noodles for Gem) in a 24 hour Carinderia.
We chit-chat.
evoked the day,critic the celebs, Gems Starstruck momento,
about ourselves, jokes and about nothing...
8. We went home by midnight.
9. Gem and I had a chit-chat again before sleeping.
We talked about her favorite cartoons- BUBU CHACHA!!!

The day was all fun and worth stirring up!!!

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