Friday, July 20, 2007

the prelim


10:50am- i went upstairs for my next examination. After a few minutes of review and chit-chats with Sheranie with the football field as our site, I was trembling, my heart is so heavy and I can't easily breathe the normal air. Something's playing on my mind and it became so restless with thoughts so bothering. A lot of "what-if's" and "why's" keep on buzzing on my brain. This is not the typical exam in a boring subject with classmates I hardly knew.

I approached the door, I looked at the entire room. From a site of an empty armchair, i felt empty too. Now it was clear. The vacant armchair which was vacant for two consecutive meetings will remain vacant for the rest of the semester. I lost my inspiration. This classroom will forever be a boring one. I felt bad. My fingers are trembling as I write the possible answers for the exam in my own armchair. Not because I'm scared of getting caught but its due to the vacant seat a chair away fro my left. I was sad then. The teacher entered. The admission slips was passed. The questionnaires was passed. The examination started. The first six items of my answer sheet was still blank, like the vacant chair that I was fond of staring every class sessions before. I was losing hope then. But suddenly someone entered the room. It was the owner of the vacant chair! The owner was late. Yahoo! The owner did not drop the boring subject. Thank God, I won't be bored again listening about the social doctrines of the church and all those Latin stuffs I can't hardly memorize.

I finished the examination in an above average speed with the aid of the informative arm of my chair and the site of my classmate for the rest of the semester...

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