Friday, July 06, 2007

what about highlights?

what about highlights?

i don't know.i often start my sentences with this if I'll be asked about highlights.
i don't know. it is just so weird that "it" became a huge deal to me.
i don't know, i just can't understand myself when i talk about it.
it's funny that it became an important part of my life.
i always look for it.
i am longing for it.
but i know my boundaries, i recognize the end line.
i am just a starer, no more, no less.
being with it is a luxury,
i only stare from afar.
but when that happens, my day is already complete.
when it smiles, it stays for a week.
but when it stares back, butterflies in my stomach remained until it is forgotten.
i don't think this is love...
its just a big admiration.
but if love is possible, i'll give mine wholeheartedly.
it is but a dream that never can be a reality.
to talk to it is my ambition.
to know it better, to say my hi's and hello's to it, to be even just a friend-
my inner desire.

there are times that i fell a tear for it.
the reason, why can't it all be real?
why was this world build of protocols to be accepted?
why do i have to care to what would others be saying?
why couldn't I be a part of its life?

they are all my childish insecurities, nothing else...

highlights will be nothing but a picture of inspiration.
a cloud of fantasy
and a tearful reality.

if 'it' just know...

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