Sunday, July 08, 2007

para maerase na ang mga txtmessages na toh sa pipitsugin kung cellphone...

sa lahat ng kaibigan kong nagmahal sa akin,

sa mga lumoko sa akin, may araw din kayo!

sa mga nagpakilig sa akin, this year ulit ha!

sa mga nanira sa akin, sige lang, para sikat...

sa mga nangutang na nalimutan na kong bayaran,
may interet na yan!

sa mga nagpaiyak sa akin, iiyak din kayo!

sa mga taong nagshare ng experience sa life at
advices, ganun parin ha?

sa taong pinakamamahal ko,
mahal na mahal kita...

at sa bumabasa nito,

psst... ingat ka palagi huh?!
walang limutan!

03-04-07 12:01am

i want to love like the rain...
it pours so hard but it takes so slow to fade
and when its gone, it leaves something behind...
it cries a tearful pain, but it washes away hurts...
it seldom comes but its just up there...
i'll be like the rain...
holding on, until my clouds decides to let me go...

15-05-07 12:14am

its tough to make a stand in this world
where everyone expects you to be cool and in.
but being who you are will not make you uncool...
rather its a chance to make yourself stand out...


God has a reason for allowing things to happen,
we may never understand His wisdom
but we simply have to trust His will...

17-06-07 9:28pm

i admire those people who can stay calm
despite too much pain
but i love those that cry for a while
but after the tears have fallen
you'll see a real fighter the moment they start again
to smile...

19-06-07 8:32pm

we all have to lose sometimes before we can win.
we have to cry sometimes before we can smile.
we have to hurt before we can be strong...
but if you keep on working and believing,
you'll have victory in the end.

23.06.07 11:27pm

implications of a terrible disease called pride...
-you always dont want to be the one to do the step
to be with someone.
-you always try to hide your feelings...
-you dont want others to know that you are hurt...
-your afraid of telling someone is special...
-you're afraid of losing someone but afraid to show it...
your afraid to love someone whom you think can't love you back.
-you're so aware of what others think that you can't do what you want...
-you're not happy...
-in the end, you lose everything without even trying to have it...

24.06.07 4:34pm

here's a sweet truth:


someone will walk into your life and

make you realize


it never worked out
with anyone else...

27.06.07 11:01am

expressing that you remember someone,

can just be this simple...

27.06.07 09:14pm

a brilliant mind is useless without a fighting heart.
in life's challenges,
you make an impression with what you say
but you make a name with what you do.

-27.06.07 10:03pm

ID RATHER have a friend who:

1. slaps me infront of many people then being
stabbed at my back.
2. curses me infront of my face than being talked behind me
3. talks shit and says my faults,
than being insulted without me even noticing it.
4. leaves me but knows when to come back
than being with someone who's mind isn't with me at all.

i want a real friend,

the one who can hurt me
but will heal the pain.

not some fake ones,

who pretends to be there listening but doesn't act at all...


we can never be happy with someone that was wrong...
but if somewhere along the way waht was wrong has made us happy...
then it must have been right all along...

28.06.07 01:29pm

sometimes we put too much passion on
the biggest dreams and priorities in life
that we fail to love the smallest pleasures from simple things.
we search so much for the right choices,
for the right paths to walk through,
for the right time
and for the right reasons.
but life isn't about searching for the things that can be found.
its about letting the unexpected happen
and finding the things you never searched for...

28.06.07 09:22pm

the value of waiting

is a value of a lifetime

if we know how to wait,

life shall be easy because

God knows what to give us in the right time!

29.06.07 09:16am

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