Friday, July 27, 2007


"Why is it a big deal to you? Mind not if he hates you!" This is what my friends told me when I opened-up this topic to them. Who cares anyway? Well I do. I don't know but I am bothered when I learned that somebody hates me without any good reason to. Was that shit feel jealous? Well jealous of what? It's funny but this is the first time I feel so crazy thinking someone is insecure of me. I'm quite inferior and it is so amusing if it is true. That shit is insecure of my damn self?! Wow, it's a compliment but it irritates me. I can't bear it. I'm so nice to be hated. It's a big deal because I wanted to be like. I want to be accepted. Well, true you can't please everybody. I learned to hate that dumb moron. It's his life- he lives in it. And this is mine and that bitch guy is nothing more than an accessory to my own stage play.

He is hated by everyone because he wanted his filthiness be smelled. Yes, it's true that everyone of us has it's own dark secrets but he is exposing all the skeletons off his closet. So dumb. Yes, in a way I have my own too, but I can't stand telling my nasty side. I admit it, I'm not that clean as anyone want to expect but I clear my side, I clean my own trash and I manage myself better than anyone. Nobody's perfect. I'm not perfect. I have the right to hate that moron too.

It's my time to show how nasty I can be...

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